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    4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning !! So I went to visit my mom and we talked for hours and then she gave me an espresso machine to aid to Jeremy and I debt free journey. No need to get up and go to Starbucks when I want some espresso !

    So no one asked but ! Today I’m buying espresso bar accessories from IKEA(didn’t go yesterday because I got caught up talking with mom lol my best friend…is that weird ?).

    Then I will film my whole house clean with me video for my YouTube channel if you haven’t tuned in you should. Last I will pre record videos for The Livable Forest and schedule this week’s post !

    I only share my day because I made you my accountability partner even though you didn’t know until now.

    ✨Joke of the day ! First to get the correct answer wins $5 Starbucks gift card !✨

    🫐 What do you call a blueberry ? 🫐

About Me

Tiffany Parker

Community Event Producer

I am a stay at home working mom of 1 ! My little boy’s name is Sinatra and I have been married to my husband, Jeremy for 6 years. I have a small business, Koutour Event where I host community markets to support the small business community in Kingwood Texas, The Livable Forest which is a city perks program , crowd funding site and social media platform and Coffee, Body & Soul where I sell affordable home luxuries.


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